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As we learn MediaWiki, we will add content to this page. Feel free to add new info, as well as reformat and refactor this page.


Adding a new page

  • To add a new page from a link, click on a link that hasn't been defined. This will take you to the edit and allow you to create that page.
  • To add a new page without using a link, put the page name into the search box and click "Go". This will give you the opportunity to create the new page.

Signing a Comment

Under PhpWiki, we habitually signed our comments by manually writing --UserName. However, MediaWiki provides several shortcuts for this process.

  • ~~~~ will produce your username and a Date/time stamp. Eg. KenSchry 11:54, 4 July 2006 (EDT)
  • ~~~ will produce your username. Eg. KenSchry
  • ~~~~~ will produce a Date/time stamp. Eg. 11:54, 4 July 2006 (EDT)
  • Pressing the "Your signature with Timestamp" button above the edit field will produce --~~~~ automatically.

Watch page

If you are particularly interested in a page, click on the watch tab. You will then be told when someone else has made changes. Useful for those intense debates, or keeping an eye on a page that has been targeted by "Wiki Vandals".

Adding a Calendar

To implement a calendar, you only need to type <calendar></calendar>. However, there are several parameters that give you added functionality . Please see the README for these parameters.


Would result in:


Task Management

The tags to implement a task are <tasks>...</tasks>.

This is the format for the different priorities of tasks.
[ ] Regular task.
[1] High priority task.
[2] Medium priority task.
[3] Low priority task.
[!] Urgent task.
[x] Closed task.

To identify who created the task, write (OwnerUsername) at the end of the task. Please note that this now means that you cannot put a period at the end of the task.

For example, to create a high priority task of formatting pages and identify it with a username, you would type:

[1] Need to format pages that were damaged in the PhpWiki conversion (KenSchry)

Which would result in:
[1] Need to format pages that were damaged in the PhpWiki conversion (KenSchry)

Tasks can be viewed on the Special:Tasks page and are grouped by priority.

User Manual

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