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Subject: Challenges, Issues, and Problems with Groupware and CSCW

%%%Newsgroups: comp.groupware %%%Date: 2002-07-25 07:18:22 PST

In 1994 Jonathon Grudin delivered a paper entitled

Groupware and Social Dynamics: Eight Challenges for Developers.

This detailed problems associated with Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Groupware. This is still today one of the most widely referenced works with Respect to CSCW and associated problems.

But, are all these issues still current or have any new ones emerged? I would be interested in hearing any new theories and kean to discuss.

We investigated GroupWare issues since 1975 at NJIT, see EIES Legacy . The "Murray" and "Roxanne" links their include extensive references on work up to the present. The paper you cite fails to mention our work directly, arg, but a number of the authors cited in it were part of the early EIES community.

I compiled some findings and key references at CollectiveIntelligence.

WorkFlow today is becoming largely ad hoc web based solutions. I call this Web Flow and Active Email. My companies own task coordination system, http://Xtask.Net is such a system.

The issues have not changed all that much. The web is becoming the integration environment but we are still faced with independent applications poorly integrated with workflow. There is no standard work flow methodology in the web.

The promise of standard collaborating objects on the internet used by all your applications is the answer to this problem, but this may still be a decade or two away.

See and FirstClassObjectsOnTheWeb

I am embarking on an approach that "shortcuts" the process and will allow the development of CollaborativeWebObjects in a collaborative authoring environment in anticipation of the emerging standards.

WikiWiki is a low-tech web based free software for collaborative authoring (knowledge creation) available in many languages and versions. It is easy to use and fosters equality of participation. It is the easiest way I know of to share and publish ideas on the web. All you need is a web browser and an idea.

I want to extend WikiWiki to to be a full featured distributed collaborative system supporting ubiquidous collaborative computing for collaborative applications in an ObjectWiki development supporting Collaborating objects on the web. I am looking for collaborators in this Open Source development effort.

-- JimScarver

It seems to me that the software continues to move towards this sort of thing. Web Services is a way to formalize a standard to allow businesses to better automate and interface their work processes, via intra- and inter-net.

And I believe that this is one of the primary drivers behind Microsoft's .Net strategy. I know there are others out there as well, but I expect Microsoft to really start marketing their .Net strongly in this sort of capability.


I have a question/request .. Could anyone post a screenshot/layout of a typical EIES dialogue. The system is defunct now? New software moved into the sophisticated (commercially orientated) Groupware. But I am interested in researching the past influences to the modern conferencing systems. Can anyone add this to the Wiki.


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