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"Group think" is the lowest common denominator of shared Personal Truth. It is the opposite of the CollectiveIntelligence, it is collective stupidity. %%% %%%

%%% My question is how does one know or become aware of being in the lowest common denominator.%%% Also, a few laughed at individuals have made incredible intelligent changes in history.%%% %%% I think the "Group think" propaganda thing is a conspiracy to satisfy all those who thought they knew better.%%% The bottom line is that "They" who would gain did with out pain, and can blame someone else for their game. But some how those that were apposed feel "just cause" for the news for which they knew before it all "begain".%%% %%% --KaJoTra

GroupThink is nothing more then memes at War. The bits go in, theories (new memes) are made, and then they fight with any conflicting memes in ThoughtSpace. If they gain more ThoughtSpace then any other opposed meme, it becomes GroupThink by definitation, doesn't it?

The only time GroupThink is considered dangerous is when a person has a different meme (that is more correct for a situation the then current dominant one), and that person decides to not spread their meme, for fear of repercussions (social, business, political, legal, etc).

We are, by nature, GroupThinkers. That is part of our social make up. If we didn't GroupThink, larger societies or communities couldn't form. There are times we all "keep our mouth shut", even though we know "better". That is just part of the price we pay to be members of a particular society.


The AdministratiumAtom is an instance of groupthink. Groups tend to be less effective than individuals but are not necessarily so. It is also true that strong "leaders", like Hitler and Bush, manipulate groupthink to their advantage. Political correctness is a type of groupthink as well. --JimScarver

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