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NEWS: Launch of Future Highways Web Site, http://FutureHighways.com

Date: Jan 4, 2007

In a collaboration between Canada Connects and WikiWorld the principals have agreed to launch a complementary portal to the Wikiworld community to allow for additional communication capabilities for the community.

Future Highways is a site designed to encourage vision creation and collaboration among those people who believe that a better future is possible. A future that does not need to include global warfare or mass extinctions due to pollution and climate change.

As of this date site development is in the formulative stages and principles Jim Whitescarver (Wikiworld) and Philip Carr (Canada Connects) invite constructive input from all interested parties.

For more information contact Philip Carr at info@canadaconnects.ca or at 613-731-8330 or ask in the discussion page.

Article Drafts:

Article candidates:

The notion of "future highways" was recently introduced by hira hina to a number of internet groups.


The three possible futures he outlines beautifully are, Extiction, Status Quo, and Transcendence. Our focus here is on the third, most desirable, alternative, and doing our part to make it happen.

Here is a quote:

"In the end, unbridled Mind and intellect are the only things that will let us bypass the eventual fate of every species ever to exist on this planet. Natural evolution has brought us to a point in time where we are almost capable of dramatically altering our own future and world for the better. It seems that just enough flaws and short-comings have been left with us to always fall short of our loftiest goals. At this point we can no longer be dependent on nature to guide us the rest of the way to the finish line. We will have to take control of our own destiny now, with whatever that entails. The technologies we have created can both destroy us and lift us higher than we could dream. It is up to us to determine which it will be, and we will live or die by the results of our decisions."

While even the governator of CA is doing his best for the environment, WE cannot work together effectively in the absents of objective standards.

CO2, for example, has important local effects. But why do intelligent people, in spite of illumination from Freeman Dyson etc., extrapolate this to global effects!!!??????

The primary effect globally is thermodynamical weather. Rising temperatures increase water vapor, producing clouds that in turn lower the surface temperature.

The secondary global effect is biochemical. Increasing temperature or CO2 increases anaerobic bacteria and algae in the oceans, which produce oxygen and reduce CO2.

As far as we can tell from the planet history is that the rising temperatures are the for warning of a coming ice age.

Yes, in many areas CO2 emmission is a problem that must be dealt with. And yes we should strive to minimize our impact on the environment. But let us also be objective. The local effects of CO2 emmission may be good in some cases and the global effects are not known.

The warm winter in the northeast this year is the result of El Nino, not global warming.

While population control is a noble effort, it is a sad alternative to human existence enhancing the environment rather than being a plague upon it.

Working together would be fruitful only if we do the right things. If science is a popularity contest than it is hardly likely we will do the right things. As in bridge building scientific discipline could enlighten us as to what will stand and what will fall and distinguish what we know to a high probability from what we speculate, should we find the will to be objective.

We all will die, most probably. It is probable, based on evolutionary history that our species will become extinct. Generally we are ignorant about what long term effects we are having on our environment because we cannot distinguish theory from fact.

And, in my view, our will to populate the galaxy and beyond is weak. We ought to have colonies on the moon and mars and be venturing beyond our galaxy. In spite of anything else this is our destiny should we survive long enough.

Thankfully existence is truly amazing no matter how little we may really know and quite resilient no matter how badly we might screw thinks up.

It is hoped that in Future Highways collaboration we can maintain the highest standards of objectivity and distinguish facts from popular belief to the extent it is possible to do so.


FutureHighways.com is a site we hope to celibrate the collaborative effort of humanity and promote the creation of FutureValue.

It is early in the process so we are open to ideas on how FutureHighways can make the most difference.

WE need to identify aritcles from WikiWorld and the world at large that will foster collaboration and get results.

I'll copy some of the discussion so far to the talk page when I get the chance...

JimScarver 14:46, 4 January 2007 (EST)


a graphical idea....

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