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Enterprise is not free when we tax income and sales. Our founding fathers would roll over in their graves if they saw the stupid taxes we added in the last century that restrict, regulate, complicate and tax enterprise in this country.

A chaotic economic environment, like the world economy, may be predicted by PerturbationTheory. When we tax its leading positive indicators, it is bound to have fluctuations and downturns.

If we want cooperative Capitalism that creates value, exploiting idle or abundant resources, by SkinnersLaw, we should reward it by having no tax and no red tape.

Government taxes put most businesses out of business, the government is the highest paid employee of even small businesses. It may be okay to tax profits but what sense is their in taxing businesses out of business. And where the business fails, what right does the government have to be first in line of creditors to get paid? VultureGovernment policies and actions must cease.

How can be tax sustenance level living? Would we tax the deer in the forest? People should have at least AnimalRights.

You need a law degree to do business in this country. The laws fill buildings and buildings. Ignorance of the law is a reasonable excuse for DumbAnimals and we should employ affirmative action in enabling business that creates value. We must expire old law and minimize and simplify new law.

Lazy Fare Capitalism is not enough. In our collaboration called government we must be a responsible consumer, employer and bank. It is in our interest to reward (no tax) enterprise that creates value, cushion market displacement, and discourage DogEatDogCompetition, VultureCapitalism, and scarce resource exploitation. Our success depends on it. %%% - the movie... %%% %%% %%% %%% - bashing Bush, April 2002 %%% - Libertarian portal

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