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WE are extreme collaborators discovering our identity. WE are seeking to become our CollectiveIntelligence. WE are a new community emerging on the Internet. WikiWorld is one tool we use in a growing toolbox that minimizes our redundancy by maximizing our synergies. As we can build bridges that don't fall down by employing objective criteria, so we can collaborate to the extent that we can agree on what shared principles and objective criteria are. Designing our collaboration is analogous to any other design effort.

  1. Identify shared principles and objective criteria
  2. Establish decision methodology (Link to discussion [[WE#{{{header}}}|{{{header}}}]] related to the text:{{{text}}})
  3. Apply methodology
  4. Evaluate outcomes and go to step one

WE are motivated by the desire to work together effectively in groups. It may be true that all great programs and all great accomplishments were accomplished by individuals, not groups, but we necessarily must work together in every aspect of our life. As we must work together we seek to function more as a CollectiveIntelligence than our lowest common denominator. To this end we insist on objectivity in determining what works and what does not work.

This site shows the history of how WE (here) became what WE are today. You determine what WE become tomorrow. WE hold no idea sacred outside the will to collaborate effectively.

We seek a light weight and robust methodology that is comprehensive in insuring overall solutions that are sensible and holistic while not impeding individual initiative.

This is an analogy and extension of ExtremeProgramming which does not impede Agile Programming methodologies for software design and implementation. WE are building and Information Infrastructure on many fronts including WikiWorld. The information systems model design and development methodologies can be directly applied to collaborative KnowledgeManagement for our CollectiveIntelligence.

The ConcensusByDefault methodology treats everyone as an executive, free to actualize group synergies unless challenged. With freedoms comes the responsibility to exercise the power for purposes that are really synergetic for the group and confront abuses of that power.

Consensus is often difficult to achieve. Failure to achieve consensus should not impede action. WE can often support competing efforts in a spirit of CooperativeDiversity. Sometimes alternatives are exclusive and require settlement.

In most groups, the real executives resolve conflicts. In extreme collaborations without an executive when an objection arises and WikiCourtroom style objective methodologies fail to produce an objective answer WE can all accept the truth in, we hold a vote do decide the issue. If a 2/3 majority is not attained, the most highly rated objective solution should be implemented.

Our primary collaboration is our CollaborationToolBox which includes WikiWiki and helps us actualize our CollectiveIntelligence. By continuous re-evaluation we aim to continuously improve our tool set and determine what really works and what does not.

A related collaboration OS extending Wiki capability to CollaborativeWebObjects in ObjectWiki, a collaboration for ubiquitous collaborative computing for GroupWare and KnowledgeManagement (synthesis).

See the HomePage for other collaboration experiments here on WikiWorld. See RelatedEfforts for parallel activities of the WE. See the list of Agile methodologies in ExtremeProgramming.

WE are not under the delusion that we can get everyone to collaborate. WE know WhyWeDontCollaborate. Only those who can relinquish being top dog as an individual for the moment can facilitate our CollectiveIntelligence.

(Link to discussion [[ExtremeCollaboration#{{{header}}}|{{{header}}}]] related to the text:{{{text}}})

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