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PoesEureka describes a universe made of attractions and repulsions manifesting matter, energy, and gravity. It is a single disturbance in nothingness logically exploding to manifest everything in a futile attempt to cancel its own existence. Poe seemed to predict the big bang, relativity, and quantum gravity. How might his vision be updated to reflect the emerging information systems model of the universe.

When I am dead you will know that this is true becomes what WE are about to say is true (1st Draft). The fabric of time and space is exceedingly simple, but the vision of the emergent complexity is just dawning to the scientific community. A collective understanding is emerging, because if you don't understand it already you won't know what we are talking about. But if you seek Truth you will find it and the new paradigm will emerge.

We can transform Poe's vision into the information age and ANewKindOfScience by mapping Poe's attractions and repulsions into BinaryDifferentials in InformationPhysics.

Changes in mathematics go to zero. In the real world of planets and stars differences take discrete values in the quantum, a change, or no change, above, below, hotter colder, up or down, across time or space, depending on ReferenceFrame according to the ExperienceModel.

As Kalamara M clarified, light cones only exist for participants in the exchange of change information limiting the many universe possibilities. LightCones map the structure of possible past experience, future experience and elsewhere or in the information system model the orderings of changes in time and space. Light cones are manifest only intermittently as discrete exchanges of one binary and one discrete (integer) variable. A received change, demands an equal and opposite change to cancel it, but by a trick of time, the reply is outside the light cone of the sender becoming a change sent forth {propagated} into the future until it finds a listener of sufficient frequency/mass.

LightCones with common reference frames can be mapped for objects with zero relative velocity on the same axes of time and space. Reference frames with a relative velocity are tilted it both time and space such that orderings serial for one (time) may be parallel (space) for the other.

Objects apparently contain an inner dimension resulting from the exchange of information among their components having no witnesses. The binary differentiations or attractions and repulsions internally are not manifest to the external world. The information space and time thus manifest are a private world that is manifest only through our interactions with it.

Lost information is a blessing to the physicist in the information systems model. The lost information may be forgotten. But it is the daemon to existence in the complex emergent information ecology. There is no call to consider the existence of time or space or anything beyond those binary differentials manifest all the signals they received are annihilated while their future effect is still being determined.

Making assumptions of simplicity, such as BinaryHarmonicCosmology we can get the mass of the universe from Planck's constant, we can get the age and size of the universe from the current temperature and the value of the quantum bit from that age/size. The energy of the binary differential, should correspond to the rest mass of a one dimensional object, the neutrino. We can only determine whether a model predicts reality or not as the true underlying reality apparently lays outside our LightCone|, or observational window.

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