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Collectively WE have the responsibility to insure our shared resources are not depleted and are utilized equitably in service to humanity, without restricting individuals from utilizing a reasonable share of resources with complete freedom and minimal regulation.

It is a myth that our planet is not rich in resources. We have ample resources to sustain many times the current population if to invest them wisely.

Only aggressive taxation of our scarce resources taxing the sources of social and environmental impacts can insure the preservation while providing the incentive to develop our abundant clean resources and responsibly pay the social cost of our freedom while maintaining sustainable growth.

In the NewEconomy energy vouchers will serve as a supplimental currency. For example, ownership of solar cells entitles the barer to the energy potential of the lifetime of the cells in vouchers that are convertible to TheAnewGo.

A key impediment to the development of solar energy is the energy cost of growing solar cells. The simple answer is to use solar power to grow solar cells in a scalable manner. Solar cell farms in arid areas generating solar cells from solar power and sand can make energy clean and almost free to cover all our buildings, vehicles etc.

An aggressive program to bootstrap solar cell farms to generate the power to grow solar cells in a scalable manner, with very little incremental cost, such that every building rooftop etc, can supply the self and the grid, can in a minimal time, provide the lion's share of our energy needs with the lowest possible environmental impact.

To this end WE establish an AnewGo Energy Capital Partnership in our belief that it is profitable to do good and that such an investment will pay WinWinWin rewards.

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