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David Siegel is a fun loving man given over to philosophical meanderings that occasionally bend his mind and even sometimes scare him.


I wish to better the world in significant ways by adding my mind to a like minded community. The community I am looking for has developed and is developing a system of mind collaboration that makes sharing ideas simple and easy.

Current Projects

  • HumanAgentMotivation
  • WikiWorldAssimilation
  • WikiWorldIntroduction
  • WikiWorldInitiatives


  • AlienIntelligence
  • SingularityResearch
  • NanoTechnologyResearch
  • ExtremeCollaboration
  • CollectiveIntelligence
  • CollaborativeWebObjects
    • ObjectWiki
  • GroupWare
  • KnowledgeManagement


  • Command of the English Language
  • Basic Computer Programming Methodology
  • Visual Basic 6.0, HyperCard, 4GL
  • MS SQL Sever <very basic level>
  • HTML Markup <very basic level>

How he found WikiWorld

DavidSiegel was in the process of conceptualizing the ramifications of extreme collaboration (borrowed this term) when he googled the word meta consciousness. This, of course, provided him with a list of very interesting but unrelated idea complexes. He then googled the word super consciousness which provided him with a similar list. Skimming through this list he came upon the word CollectiveIntelligence which of course brought him directly to WikiWorld.

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