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Greetings==== I am Darlene Dranda, the publisher of WineScoop and friend of http://Xanthus.Net. For wine reviews, wine stories and entertainment, go to http://www.winescoop.com. To see our Gallery of wine tasting events, go to http://www.whitescarver.com/gallery/winescoop. To learn more about marketing your products on our site, please send an email to mailto:ddranda@winescoop.com. ====

Welcome==== Good luck with http://WineScoop.com and your future sites like http://WineConfidential.com ====

You have registered a number of doamains through the xanthus affiliate http:/TheRealNIC.com. Please list the domain you have for sponsors to sponsor so that you recover your investment. Thanks for being a friend to http://Xanthus.Net

Cheers==== your friend, -- JimScarver ====

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