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The health, and ultimately the survival of evolutionary systems depends on symbiotic diverse organization. See EvolutionaryGameTheory

Uniformity is the antithisis of diversity. Uniformity excludes resiliancy to changing envoronmental condition.

Diversity in values manifests more value and enables win win synergies.

We are by nature unique individuals. Any SocialContract that presumes to support individual freedom must promote the principle of cooperative diversity.

If we can dismiss with the law of the excluded middle of ClassicalLogic (e.g. using Set theory or QuantumLogic) and allow truth to manifest itself the ungood is not bad. If we choose Good, we encourage goodness and discourage badness, but the neutral we leave alone to enable CooperativeDiversity and even apply AffirmativeAction when our diversity is threatened. SkinnersLaw may doom the ungood as well as the bad.

See EvolutionaryGameTheory, GoodAndEvil, InformationPhysics, SocialContract

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