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What is written is agreed upon until someone discusses it. .

The borders of the consensus

ConsensusByDefault is restricted to the article-pages.

Of course, it does not appeal to the discussion-pages. By definition a discussion starts where there is no consensus.

ConsensusByDefault is restricted to the text that is written. If the text claims an objective truth, it is true till someone discusses it. If the text claims to be the voice of our collective, it is that voice, till someone protests.

There is no ConsensusByDefault if the text tries to set a norm, or acts about the behaviour of other persons.

The ConsensusByDefault combatted

One (A) starts a discussion about a text by simple changing the text to the desired text. It is possible to declare the reason for that particular change on the talkpage, but that is not necessary in the beginning.

If another person (B) can not agree with the chance, he (B) changes the text on his term, but that never will be a simple resetting to the former text.

If B want that resetting he starts a discussion about the edit of A on the talk-page, if A himself did not give a declaration already . A declares why he changed the text, B tells why he thinks that is not a good idea, both trying to find a compromise, C and others given their opinion. A good discussion will find a compromise, but the text can also be constructed to ventilate both opinions, if necessary.

If B has reasons to believe his editing of the texts conflicts with the purpose of A for his chance, he gives a declaration of his edit on the talk-page.

The voice of the we

Everyone of us can lent his voice to the collective. He (A) can speak directly as 'we'. If he speaks of himself, it is a proposal for a collective text. The next of us (B) has to do something with that proposal.

If B wants to back A, he changes the I in We. If he has another opinion, he changes the I in 'some of us', and gives his own opinion as a proposal for a we-sentence (I).

See Also

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[1] Find consensus about the procedure ConsensusByDefault (Alle van Meeteren)

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