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This page is for discussing what sort of procedure AnewGo Congress will follow. As I indicated on that page, I feel that we need some sort of formal process.

I think we should start with RobertsRules of Order Revised, 1915 (public domain) version, and then simplify and modify the process to accomodate our needs.


How would some form of RobertsRules help us?

  • Specifying what is the actual, adopted Law. (as opposed to what is merely discussion)
  • Keeping track of proposed Resolutions. (everyone skimming every page in RecentChanges is too much to ask; we should have a small, manageable list of Motions under consideration at any one time)
  • Providing default procedures for various things we haven't thought of (like what to do if we have to suppress a member)
  • Ensuring that Resolutions are given a proper airing before being considered Law.

-- BayleShanks

What to change?

First, many things should be simplified.

Second, one of the primary concerns of Robert's Rules is to properly linearize debate (ensuring that only one person is speaking, and arranging for who that person is; ensuring that there is only one motion immediately under consideration). This is not necessary in our environment; one of the strengths of an online community is that multiple people can speak at once about multiple topics. So, we will be able to gut a lot of the Rules. However, I feel that we still need to have a notion of which motions are under consideration, even if that number is more than 1. This is to keep our workload in keeping up with the Congress manageable. -- BayleShanks


We can discuss to what degree we want voting. My view is that consensus is not realistic for a body the size of a nation. It only takes 0.001% of citizens to decide that they would like to make an artistic point by halting all Congressional business for a year.

Consensus can be approximated by making the threshold of a vote high. For instance, if we required 99% of citizens voting on a proposal to be in favor of it, that's almost consensus. I would recommend a lower threshold; say, 80% (4 out of 5).

I think there are better systems of voting out there than first past the post, majority vote, however, I think that system is a good one to start with; we can switch later.

Finally, even if we want consensus, there might be value in making final decisions by consensus but ALSO having voting, "for informational purposes". That is, measures (or at least motions, like motion to table) could be passed by majority vote, but there could be a procedure for even a single citizen to say, "I veto that vote" afterwards. In other words, we could assume that everyone consents to what the votes say unless they say otherwise.

I feel that when we finalize a Constitution, though, that document should be by consensus (that is, people only sign it if they agree to it). But discussion and creation of it could involve voting (or, alterating stages of voting and consensus).

-- BayleShanks

I agree with BayleShanks on several matters.

  1. We certainly need to know when a proposed AnewGoAct goes into force (becomes an AnewGo Resolution ?).
  2. We need a way to track all current proposals. (ToDo: Create search for whatever formalizes out to become the keyword for AnewGoActs.
  3. We need to be able to track all current AnewGo Resolutions. ;)

However, I disagree on the proposed Voting threshold. One of the founding behaviours is that of CensensusByDefault. This works by presuming that only those that care about a particular individual issue will bother with it (whether for or against).

Furthermore, we currently have the procedure that if you don't agree with an Act or Resolution, you file the matter with AnewGoCourt, bringing your claim and reasoning forward there. This will bring the matter back up with the AnewGoCitizenry, and eventually the court matter will be resolved, one way or another until something new has changed to all for an appeal. ;)

Time to check out your other pages on this matter...


See also VivartoSoftware.

I'm going to make some pages to refine my ideas along these lines. They will be in


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