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Collaborating web objects are not in any particular object store, they comprize a world wide object store that includes everything on the internet. When supported they collaborate on garbage collection, cross referencing, copy control, security etc. Intropspection and event handing make them FirstClassObjectsOnTheWeb Their protocols include a soup of IDL definitions wrestlings for acceptance. (Choosing the wrong ones means loss of efficiency via a gateway service and possible loss of needed functionality but no one has a crystal ball.)

We will demonstrate CollaborativeWebObjects using a Wiki interface which provides a simple collaborative authoring environment. We intend it to be user programmable and usable by any person or group as a KnowledgeManagement and GroupWare engine with a rich toolbox of contributed group support tools. ObjectWiki rules will empower formatted WikiObjects to be agents with much of power of the Internet at their disposal and support the FirstClassObjectsOnTheWeb standards as they emerge.

See and the presentation slides, for some background on my thoughts on collaborative systems.

See (HTML) (Powerpoint)

See GroupWare, ObjectWiki

Let's see if I'm understanding this. {Jim please correct by amending the text to read what I should have said where I'm off target.}

There are three strands to the WikiObjects initiative:

  • The cool technology. (many kinds) will be integrated together.
  • The system objectives. What will be achievable using it.
  • The content. Knowledge areas that will make the effort worthwhile, particularly in the first two years.

Using someone or others principle, equal effort should be put into refining each area to maximise the product of these components.

Thanks for making me focus. You can see I tend to move from one thing to another in a haphazard way. It seemed to me a bit premature to "solidify" CollaborativeWebObjects in the ObjectWiki context, but that is the heart of the matter and we will make WikiObjects CollaborativeWebObjects that will be useable outside the Wiki world as well(e.g. via SOAP). I think CollaborativeWebObjects is the right focus.

{chip in anywhere anyone }




  • WWW HTTP Wiki

Model Protocols

  • semi-structures messages
  • IDL (WWW and CORBA/Smalltalk concepts and interfaces)
  • Notation 3 rules


  • UNIX - (does anything)
  • XML

' SOAP, (WSDL, UDDI go in Content i think) ' RDF

The project overview, from the CollaborativeWebObjects focus is currently:

  1. Wiki development of WikiObjects as first class objects in Wiki
    1. references and access
    2. operations and rules
    3. roles and permissions
  2. Create Interface classes to UNIX (via http for primative but general capabilities) and SOAP (at least)
  3. Development of WikiObjects as FirstClassObjectsOnTheWeb (access via SOAP/REST)
  4. Integrating Wikis as a transparent distributed object store and collaboration environment (must follow step three- at least the basics)
  5. Collaborative applications using FirstClassObjectsOnTheWeb written in ObjectWiki (can be started after step one)


Some of this goes under Content if I understand it. The tool should allow these things, it is not these things initially.

  • Fosters collaborative work

' Supports multiple voting models allowing best conflict-avoidance strategies to be discovered rather than being hard-coded. ' Supports integration between different sites. ' Supports diverse format conversions. ' Suports indexes (index pages) across sites. ' Low admin overhead. ' Degrades gracefully when some servers down / unreachable or slow.

  • Allows for human diversity.

' Supports personalised / client determined customisation. ' Robust to saboteurs, including deliberate sabotage by individuals who 'earn trust points'.


  • Initially extension of topics raised here (plus also programming patterns).

The 'magnet content' is critical to bringing people with the right mindset to the initiative and also to act as an information base that can be viewed / juggled with using the system.

ObjectWiki, WikiObjectFormat, WikiObjectUses, ExtremeProgramming

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