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Globalisation - just what are its costs and benefits? I am interested to discuss with as many of us possible the benefits and the costs of globalisation. The current oil spill in the Bay of Mexico is but one example of how inter-related we are becoming. I have my own opinions and lots of resources but let's exchange some ideas first. John

Globalization is a perfect issue to raise in the context of collaborative learning. Learning is not about the absolutes of right and wrong. It is understanding where a thesis is right in some contexts, and wrong in others, and developing a synthesis which is a greater truth. As is the nature of quantum truth.

Globalization is good in so far as it represent internationalism, and globsalization is bad in so far as it represents centralization.

The simple truth is that any evolutionary system with centralized control will fail.

The best of both worlds is possible, but binary issues like globalization and regulation are red herrings. The real issue is promotion of the civil society or not.

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