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  • information resource exchange and management (media)
  • structured communications (voting is one example, and there are different voting schemes applicable to differing situations)
  • KnowledgeManagement (extreme hyperlinking)
  • Developing Declarative Process Collaboration Pattern structures
  • The notion of Commitments and the need for Monitored Commitments
  • integrating an income/economic model

Collaborative Hypermedia is simple ubiquidous media programming/creation using natural and artificial languages supporting mobile information objects (media) which though collaboration become entities with a life of their own on a well ordered information network which facilitates the actualization of the CollectiveIntelligence.

See also

See also: CollaborativeWebObjects, WikiObjectUses

See and the presentation slides, for some background on my thoughts on collaborative systems. -- JimScarver

What would Collaborative Hypermedia have to provide to the user?

i'm running mailing-lists for the purpose of coordinating teams, but when people submit their thoughts, those who prefer to just read (and propably forget) about things leave things swimming in uncertainty. for some proposal it must be possible not only to comment on it, but also vote for parts or all of it. -- ClemensFischer

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