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Perhaps this should be Business Process Solutions or Busness Process Services

The latest paradigm in InformationTechnology and EnterpriseResourcePlanning is Business Process Systems (BPS).

Your business consists of a value proposition you offer your customers and a business process of product acquisition, acquiring leads, turning leads into customers, fulfillment, customer service and accounting.

Your Business Process Systems are the InformationTechnology components that work together with your employees to make your business profitable.

Some BPS goals:

  1. Secure information systems
  2. Single point of data entry
  3. Supplier integration
  4. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) (customer service, cross selling, up selling)
  5. Specialized 'point applications' that focus on business critical processes
  6. Transparent integration from lead management and inventory through distribution and CRM
  7. A flexible information technology infrastructure that can evolve to meet future needs.

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