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  • credit @ngo 8000
  • credit $30 US
  • debit @ngo 30
  • debit $30 US
  • credit @ngo 4000 Balance @ngo 11970

What is this based on? Do you just get, say X amount of @ngo at the beginning of the "game", or do you have to earn it all?

Every AnewGo citizen receives an account with a credit limit of @ngo 2000. See AnewGoLaw

AnewGo Residents need to apply for an account.

Since if a citizen uses the credit, it will need to be repayed. The BankOfAnewGo views each account as an asset of @ngo 2000

  1. The AnewGoCitizenRegister has 6 signed citizens = @ngo 12000
  2. Citizen PhillipBanniganAccount exchanged $30 US for @ngo 30
  3. The BankOfAnewGo purchased

I wonder if is possible to rob the BankofAnewGoAccount. I believe that some of the citizenry are well schooled in the arcane art of hacking. Could the process be described here to see if it is possible? If not what does this mean?

  • Well, let's look at it from a RW (Real World) perspective view. First your talking about hackers robbing a virtual bank (not real) from a country that doesn't exist, and stealing @ngo (I'm going to point out 2 things, that the @ngo isnt real in RW, and in AnewGo the bank system doesn't give it a true value either...), so don't worry about it PhillipBannigan.

Pity, use your imagination, where do you think money came from in the first place, the idea is to make it real. What makes existing currencies real, purely agreement amongst people. But this may the first publicly based system which opens new avenues for thought. I think it may be quite difficult to steal from an OpenAccountingSystem

  • I still stand by that the BankOfAnewGo has many faults, no value or true meaning. Yes, It took someone's imagination to think up of a currency. BUT THEY ALSO THOUGHT UP OF A CURRENCY THAT HAS VALUE EQUIVALENCY. What you have now is equal to the early days of american history when each state printed their own money, only your system is a bit more organized. --KenSchry

The whole point of AnewGo is just that, have a new go. At this stage it's a brainstorm and a thought openning to allow ideas to develop that otherwise could not be thought. ---PhillipBannigan

  • Do you really want to go back to this again? AnewGo isn't about ideas. Sure, It was created with the ideas but wasn't made for that purpose. The CollectiveIntelligence is there already. I believe that as a response to the use of DeadlyForce in Iraq, you wanted to create a state without that use of DeadlyForce. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that is the heart of AnewGo. --KenSchry

That is what i would like to be in the heart of AnewGo, but if we could really make a functioning distrubited state that is the goal. So far we has embryonic organs of all the major functions of a state. With the adaption of RobertsRules we will have AnewGoCongress, the beginnings of a Judical system, and media AnewGoNews. We really need an economic system to complete the framework. Maybe you say there is no value, but if you started to believe there was some value, there would be. So far I've spent $30 US on AnewGo and have exchanged that value for 30 @ngo. I'm planning to exchange more $US with RealNic in the future and record it with @ngo. If we can find a way of marketing AnewGo we definately could create value. Maybe citizenship could become something people would want, in which case there would be a market.---PhillipBannigan

  • So all your saying is BankOfAnewGo was created to serve your purpose of recording however much you spent on AnewGo? That doesn't seem very AnewGo-ish to me PhillipBannigan ;-). Imagination may create the laws, but it doesnt get them working --KenSchry
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