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What is AnimeWiki?

AnimeWiki is an experimental open-ended text adventure.

UPDATE: AnimeWiki was practically broken on PhpWiki, and is in an even worse shape after the conversion. I had a gist of where I was, updating this three years ago, hopefully this will not become one of those "great unfinished projects". I'll try to rearrange a little bit at a time.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Associative storyline
  • Have fun
  • Maintain an active plot in differing areas
  • Coordination with the least linearity as possible
  • Your goal here?

AnimeWiki ToDo Listing

[ ] Fix the broken AnimeWiki links
[ ] Add to the open ended story
[ ] Improve the linearity of the chosen path -OR- Improve the non-linearity of the chosen path.

Start Adventure

Ready? Start here

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