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principles of successful human indevidual development, as habits, can be applied for the CollectiveIntelligence such as from The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey.



 1. Be Proactive, not reactive,
    reaction attacks symptoms rather than problems.
 2. Begin with the End In Mind. ( establish goals for each role )
 3. Put First Things First. ( prioritize tasks with respect to

immediate progress toward goals )


 4. Think Win/Win
 5. Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood.
 6. Synergize

Improving the process/self

 7. Sharpen the saw

And from Covey's new book "the eighth habit" (based on my assumptions, I did not read it yet)

Making a difference

 8. Think WinWinWin - reaching beyond effectiveness toward

fulfillment, contribution, and greatness.

For benevolence, interdependence can be made a higher priority than independence. Predefined roles provide purpose and if carefully defined and ordered can aid benevolent behavior without greatly restraining further development. e.g.


1 servant of humanity
1.1. champion of freedom for all
1.2. supporter of diversity
1.3. proponent against entropy
2. servant of actualized objective truth independent of any
   assumptions or preferred perspective
3. specific primary mission as and when defined
4. ...
N. servant of self

Such a framework is sort of an initial dna expression to seed of the development of the evolutionary process of our individual and collective intelligence with purpose and socialization, in principle at least. Specific models and tools are available for this and other analogous methodologies. More than one model should be tried.

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