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An educated populous if a prerequisite to effective democracy and to that end WE establish AnewGoUniversity. The goal of education is to promote the development of accurate knowledge.

The danger of education is that people are taught what to think, not how to think. Given that much of what we think we has thought we knew has been proven incomplete and inaccurate, we can expect that what we think we know now will be proven incomplete and inaccurate. It is essential that education is not indoctrination.

  • AnewGo University holds no doctrine.
  • it presents what we think we know how it may be wrong,
  • it is inclusive of all perspectives,
  • if develops knowledge as a byproduct of education,
  • it is collaborative self schooling democratic school,
  • it is a lifetime process not limited to any VirtualClassroom,
  • it is collaborative teaching and learning in every individual and group process such that together we might excel,
  • it employs learning best practices,
  • and includes how to think better.


* Jim Whitescarver PHD in Information Physics

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