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AnewGoLaw will be passed by ConsensusByDefault here.

AnewGoPolicy will be debated and formed here.

All AnewGo citizens are protected by:

# UN [[| Universal Declaration of Human Rights]]
# [[| The Universal Declaration of Animal Rights (UDAR)]]
# OnlineSystemUsersRights
# The AnewGo SocialContract

Discusion of Congress and Congressional Procedure

I think we need a more formal process for the Congress, to ensure that proposals which are given the stamp of the Congress have really been properly aired and consented to by concerned citizens. For instance, how long must a proposal be posted on this page before it is an Act of Congress?

My proposal is to start with Robert's Rules, and then simplify & modify them to be appropriate for our situation.

Let's make another page to discuss this: CongressionalProcedure

-- BayleShanks

General Comments

How can I contact the AnewGo minister of agriculture?

# voluteer to be minister of agriculture and talk to yourself.
# appoint someone to be minister of agriculture and talk to them.
# add a ToDo for the minister of agriculture to contact you once there is one.

This is cool. Our first congressional joke ;)

Work will need to be done on TheAnewGoConstitution because it also will be incorperated in TheAnewGoDelagation


Proposal for AnewGo Immigration policy: All Welcome (Votes: PhillipBannigan 2003-5-15, )

Proposal for action: A letter to Tokelau requesting recognition of the AnewGo virtual/distributed state.

 I think it's too early for that. -- BayleShanks

The BankOfAnewGo creates TheAnewGo a unit of currency modelled on the Euro which is the only other currency named after an idea of state.

 Why should we do this? Maintaining a currency properly is a really tough thing to do. I think we should hold off on this until it is necessary (and maybe it will never be necessary). -- BayleShanks

I disagree entriely as actually having a positive account. PhillipBanniganAccount It is prooving to be a valuable thought experiment, as a way of conducting business for and between AnewGo citizens. This is not to say it is perfect, but lets work on it. It may be a tough thing to do, but important. Still at this scale it should be quite simple. --PhillipBannigan

Proposal for action: AnewGo can become a member of the Association for Progressive Communications [1] and elect a representitive to attend meetings.

(This is much more achievable than the UN at this point in time.)

This will cost $300 US as we are the smallest developing nation in the World

 This is a good idea eventually , but I think we should get more members and work on our internal processes first. -- BayleShanks

You are quite conservative Bayle. I can agree with this point, but my radical style will always run ahead to see what happens. -- PhillipBannigan

Proposal for action: Standardize all date formats used in AnewGo to be YEAR/MONTH/DAY (or with use of other seperators).

Reason: This format prevents any confusion between European dating (Date/Month/Year) and American dating (Month/Day/Year).

  • AnewGo date standardisation: YEAR/MONTH/DAY

(Signatories: StarPilot 2003-05-13, PhillipBannigan 2003-05-14, KenSchry 2003-05-14)

 Why not pick either the European or the American dating system? Why needlessly create another standard? -- BayleShanks
 BayleShanks, my reasoning is simple. With this dating, your brain will not switch the format to your normal day to day preferences and force you to concentrate on swapping the dates back to your native format mentally. This prevents confusion when reading dates.
 I participate in several online communities, several of which use 'the other' dating format from what I use. This always causes confusion, especially when members are discussing dates (as one group is using their format and the other group is using theirs).
 If you prefer staying with American or European formating style, then counter vote (Vote Against) this, and protest this Act in AnewGoCourt. Are you filing a protest? ---StarPilot

No, not yet. I am happy to provide my opinion (that we should stick to either American or European), but if no one but me is convinced then I won't stand in the way of the decision. -- BayleShanks

This is about the only thing we have achieved Bayle. I suggest we see if the UN would like to adopt this format ;) -- PhillipBannigan

I think that AnewGo has caused some to think about a few matters more then they would have normally, so in that sense, AnewGo has achieved more then agreeing on a date format. ---StarPilot

Very right StarPilot ;) , still hopefully an indigenous wit may develop.



I'd like to note that I am now solidly in favor of the YYYY-MM-DD standard :) -- BayleShanks

Glad to hear it==== :-) -- StarPilot ====

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