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Our Purpose

Motto: If you can do it better - DO IT.


There are thousands of websites and individuals on the net advocating a, more or less, different path to the our same goal of facilitating the blossoming of humanity by facilitating our individuals and collaborating toward a rich and sustainable future.

Most everyone objects to something in in each path. WE assimilate these paths and work together toward the realization of our common dream in so far as we can reach a consensus. In AnewGo WE envision a ConsensusByDefault approach in a trusted community that is an association of communities dedicated to living the dream.

It is envisioned to be much more than a virtual community, in addition to being a testbed for operational trials of new ideas, it is to be, for those who chose, an actual world organization with its own governance, economy, public works, etc., a nation in every respect, except having a restricted homeland. Instead it will seek be an umbrella for all freedom loving people for responsible collective action. Its homeland is our shared properties all around the universe. It will not replace national government, but supplement it, with grass roots to universal collective action.

Ideally AnewGo will split into many cooperative virtual nations, each satisfying its own spin on how to get there from here, but working together where consensus can be maintained. AnewGo has no specific web address or technology, it is everywhere we make it happen today.

As the focus is inclusion rather than exclusion, we collaborate according to our SocialContract, limiting collective action such that all authority ultimately belongs to our sovereign individuals, our selfs. There are only us, there is no them.

We have little hope of realizing our dream unless we can be free to fulfill our potential and assimilate where we agree. We have the power to create a rich and sustainable future for ourselves and humanity should we choose to become that change. AnewGo is one organization that is being the dream making the best decisions possible, according to our personal principles and values.

We choose to apply objective criteria to our collective action, and many of us also in our personal action. Online Self and Social Object definitions represent

  • our communication filters which represent us to the world when possible,
  • orderings of our Values, Principles, Roles, Goals, Issues and Tasks ratings and weights
  • representative orderings by delegation to any person, or group ordering of those who promote any group of world citizens not otherwise represented in Anewgo.

Everyone is recognized as citizen on Anewgo, everyone has the same rights. Our only pledge to each other is only that I will promote yours rights, if you promote my rights. We assume you will promote our rights by default.

When global ConsensusByDefault fails to resolve an Issue Agreement, resolution can be by group rankngs of alternatives, which may be challenged in Anewgo Courtroom,

Agreement and agreement to disagree, per domain, on issues builds the trust networks that enable our participation and representation in our collective action. We can define an ordering of any individual, community or other agents to represent ourselves in the event we do not personally rank/rate alternatives in an issue per problem domain we define or the the global community group rankings as our default when none of our ordered delegate representatives, if any, and we ourselves have not rated or ranked an alternatives. Alternatives are rated with respect to goals and principles to determine rankings individually and combined into a group ordering for each trust community belong to or represent such that there is a bases for personal and collective action based on our individual principles, values, and goals, as sovereign individuals.

Collective action in Anewgo employs the CollectiveIntelligence of citizens via the Anewgo Hive Mind agent which employs best practices for maximal effectiveness.

It is a revolution with a virtually unlimited potential for individual and collective action. It is a war of assimilation, resistance is futile. The future happened, at least for 2 persons thus far, ([AnewGoCitizenRegister}|5 maybes]). You can request any changes you see necessary, then add one to the active population by requesting an account.

If you feel you can contribute to our goal of becoming the best legal and administrative structure in the World, sign the AnewGoCitizenRegister and the TheAnewGoDeclarationOfExistence. [Request and account or request a change to Anewgo [Click here].

Or send email:

Or be an anonymous citizen.

Do not consider what AnewGo is, consider what it ought to be, and make it what way. such is the WikiWorld way.

Primary Links

AnewGo Primary Links of Interest:

Please excuse the state of this site which has been largely allowed to atrophy. The major activity planned is building the NewEconomy based on material from


History AnewGoHistory

PhillipBannigan proposed AnewGo, with the four following tenents as its foundation.

  1. ConsensusByDefault
  2. NewLaw

'Note: As of 2003-05-20, NewLaw is no longer considered in effect. 1 For, 3 Against.

  1. ExtraLaw
  2. ImportLaw

'Note: As of 2003-05-20, ImportLaw is considered unresolved (making it no longer in effect). 2 For, 2 Against. Tie vote. Majority is required for an Act to be considered in force. No Majority at this time. Next vote changes that.

You staying?

So does all these revisions mean you're not going AWOL on us? :-) --KenSchry


Yep i'm going to stick it out ;)--Phil

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