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Prelimanary Hearing on 4chan (Taken from JimScarverToDo):

  • Examine 4chan and consider how much to keep, and what might need trimming to a more friendly page for all. Does this issue need to go to WikiCourt? --StarPilot
  • The page seems fine as it is. I am dissapointed they removed our comments. Proper action would be to move them to a disscussion page. I hate entropy. --JimScarver
  - it seems okay at this point, i think we should be tolerant, "that's your thing man, thats far out....but i don't get/dig it."  It seems like a rather harmless adadolescentommunity.  It is important to me to treat every human being respectfully and discourage negativity with love.  Negativity just breeds negativity.  We need to rise above that and use ReversePsycology. --JimScarver
  -That's true, only to a point. As many have done, they create a simple page to advertise their wiki, and we visit it, comment and that's it. Central topic of the named Wiki aside, all that page produces is a bunch of other members coming here and editing insults, whines, and rants into that WikiPage. I agree with StarPilot. This, if anything, should be the balancing point of deciding what the limits of FreedomOfExpression are. What ever good theory does, always needs an application. --KenSchry
  • I am duplicating my comment here, in case one of the 4chan denizens decides to delete the discussion again:

'This is the unofficial FAQ for the website http://www.4chan.net , which has been deleted from DNS right now but is still up at . I could not find any free website providers to host a Wiki, and WikiWorld did allow anything, so I decided to set it up here. I apologise if it was confusing. --NotMoot

 -AH==== So, this is your FAQ for your site? Ok, that explains about the detailing. However, what's it gaining 4chan? Your members are still editting it here. So why not put up a basic "About 4chan/FAQ" on 4chan, and lock it to keep out all the member on member flaming, etc? That's what Wiki locks are for... to keep a page from being editted by everyone. FAQs and basic directory pages are often locked for that very reason.
 -And as I said elsewhere, interesting discussions and debate are always welcome here. But we just aren't into basic member gossip. Not until we know the people, anyways. ;-) ---StarPilot
  • We support freedom of expression affimatively. -- JimScarver
  • I own and run this website. The person who started this FAQ is not affiliated with the site, other than being a normal user. I have put up my own FAQ and request that this one be taken down, as it serves no purpose anymore and is in fact, unofficial. --moot

I removed this from the main courtroom page, as it is closed. Moot: You can delete the content on the 4chan page if you wish, or Jim will.

If Jim could "nuke" it that would be good. I deleted it myself though. --moot

I'd still be interested on what StarPilot defines as "Freedom Of Art", so we can continue that somewhere else. --KenSchry

 Ok then KenSchry... then start a new conversation at FreedomOfArt. :-) ---StarPilot

I see that the comments themselves are logged in the various "past revisions" feature of the Wiki. If someone removes your comments, would you like the rest of us to restore it if you're not around? --Concerned Members of 4chan.

Concerned Members of 4chan, who were you speaking to? Jim doesn't like Entropy. That's why we have version history here. You can BURY a comment you don't like on a Wiki page here deep in history, but a record of it remains. ---StarPilot

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