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According to 4chan user KingJohn, the users have moved to a new wiki at http://www.lurkmore.com/wiki/. I cannot tell if this is the action of only one user, or whether all of the 4chan denizens request this, so if a consensus is reached that 4chan has moved to this new wiki, I will delete the existing data and add a redirect to their new page.


As a result of overwhelming support in keeping the existing 4chan page, this case is closed in that favor.

Archived Discussion

Murk Loar? Anyway, it's stability is questionable and it's not nearly as complete as this one. Do not delete this wiki as it's pretty much the largest repository of info on 4chan. Well, aside from 4chan anyhow.
lurkmore.com is down
Keep it
No harm in having two.
So far there's nothing AT the URL you have linked. I still consider this particular WIKI to be full of good information, and see no reason to move it to another site. I suspect any content that does appear at LURKMORE will be copied directly from here, so I think it's pointless.

It seems to be at http://www.lurkmore.com/wiki/index.php?title=4chan . As long as a bunch of people save the current wiki code to their hard drives in case lurkmore.com goes down, I guess it's okay.

Got it.
I hadn't bothered to investigate further, but looking at the link you've provided, it does indeed to be a copy of the info from this wiki (I recognize a few things I myself have added/changed). However, I have to admit, it appears to have a few more bells and whistles (well, it's more colorful, and some of the information has been split off into other articles). I'm still up in the air about this. However, I have saved an archival copy of the code from this wiki, as requested. Hopefully others will do so as well.
Keep this one.
Even if there is another 4chan wiki, it would be good to keep this one too, as wikipedia links here, and incase lurkmore.com ever goes down.
Keep using this one
Personally, I feel as though this wiki is limited by the restrictions put on it by the mods/admins of wikiworld when the 4chan page was originally made. I've made the majority of the major layout changes and major clean up of the articles since I came here when it was half the size. I copied the page from here because of the fact that one of my moderators and myself were the major contributors for a very long while.
I cleaned and added the sections and moved half of the articles around to get the page correct and now it's just grown too large for one page when it can be expanded instead. There are some articles that need one page to themselves and wikiworld isn't providing that.
If you guys like adding more and more to one page then do so, I won't stop you, and I'm sure that if the contributors do move over to LURKMORE it will be slow. This page should probably keep getting updated for a while unless wikiworld intervenes and deletes it.
Also, about LURKMORE getting shut down; it's a possibility and so this could be a good backup until I can guarantee its safety (seems to be a concern to some of the contributors)
My two cents. KingJohn 06:14, 30 July 2006 (EDT)
Keep this.
This is Teh One Tru Wikee. All others are full of FAIL and AIDS.
Well, the real issue is that at this point, people are split on which one to update, and I think very few people want to update both. Some things are more up to date in this one, some things are more up to date on lurkmore. My main concern is if both wikis remain functional, eventually we will wind up with two wikis with dramatically different data, and I foresee a time when supporters of one wiki decide to spend a day spamming the other wiki. I mean, normally, with other sites, I wouldn't imagine that happening... But this is 4Chan, where the /b/tards are.
Anyway, so here comes the question - which wiki will remain? the tried and true old one, or the new shiny one at lurkmore? Meh. If there's ANY concern over the lurkmore one getting shut down, then I vote for tried and true any day.
Uptime won't be an issue 
LURKMORE having 100% uptime won't be an issue in a few weeks after I've settled in to my new apt (I just moved). In regards to spamming, I wouldn't let anyone from LURKMORE spam over here because it doesn't make sense, I don't support senselessly vandalizing the internets.
There are other wikis out there that log 4chan and LURKMORE isn't 4chan exclusive. I think it is more a matter of how the future of 4chan's wiki will look. A user (I don't know who exactly) has already started updating the LURKMORE wiki in the way that I always envisioned it because he had the same view of what it should be. Again, it's more about either wanting a giant page of 4chan or having seperate pages (and seperate collective pages) for each meme. KingJohn 16:13, 31 July 2006 (EDT)
I'm divided.
I do like the Invasions section on the new wiki. And having it separated mean's there's less constriction on expanding individual aspects. On the same note, I also like having it all on one page as it feels more complete; and less messy than on lurkmore. Lurkmore doesn't seem as worksafe either. WikiWorld's is something I can browse and edit when I'm not at home. I'm not sure I could do that with Lurkmore.
I'd be pretty disappointed if either of them dissapeared, or if neither did. I think I'm leaning more towards Lurkmore though.
As far as invasions go
I wasn't meaning to indicate that you might be involved (or even support) an invasion here, merely that a group of /b/tards might take it into their heads to start a war between the two wikis. Of course, I realize that people are likely to have backups, so it's not like anything but the most recent data would be lost, but it would be annoying, and it seems likely due to the increased wiki vandalism that's been happening since there was a stickied thread about it on /b/.
Speaking of backups, that's another concern - it seems to me that it would be more difficult for the average user to make a backup of the lurkmore code, whereas the wikiworld code, being one long document, is easy to backup in one step. Don't get me wrong, I actually do approve of the compartmentalized format, as far as ease of updating goes. But this is one drawback I can see.
I do notice that you've made it so people must log in to make changes, I suppose that will help protect lurkmore from invasions.
Keep -- King John is not a 4chan user
He is the administrator of a camwhore picture archive. The only users that have "moved" there are ones that have "moved" from /b/ to chanchan.
I can guarantee I've been on 4chan longer than you have, Anonymous. KingJohn 13:01, 2 August 2006 (EDT)
Impossible. Anonymous Is, Was, and Always Will Be. And we do not forgive you for presuming otherwise. Anonymous, 4 August 2006 (EDT)
re backups 
turns out there is a full backup every day at LURKMORE KingJohn 16:24, 2 August 2006 (EDT)
I have never heard of this site, and there are several 4chan wiki's at various locations. I'd prefer there to be as many as possible instead of a single central one so information will actually survive instead of a single one being repeatedly edited as users fight over history. Wiki only works is users are going to be mature about it, Maturity defeats the whole purpose of 4chan.
Does it really matter?
A cat is fine too.

Strong Keep.
This = win.
keep this

Keep this
king_john is a camwhore worshipper which was bannable offense on 4chon in the golden times. BRING BACK SNACKS
Definately keep this
Why not have another site tho? The more the merrier I sy, though this is one of the more complete ones I know of.
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