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One mans garbage is anothers gold, ones poison is anothers medicine, because we have different resources available, different skills, different values and different needs, life is not a zero sum game|. Instead there are an abundance of synergies that allow win win agreements and transactions where there is an increase in value for all parties concerned. When humanity as a whole also sees a benefit, in addition to the direct benefits received by the participants, we can the synergy WinWinWin.

WinWinWin Enterprises Win Win Win Enterprises can include almost any business area.

Most all enterprise is good in that economic activity moves money from person to person increasing perceived value in each step. The same one dollar bill, passed from person to person, spent a million times generates a million dollars of income. The more economic activity, the more per capata income.

In voluntary transactions there is a perceived value increase in that the parties exchange value, such as money for goods, each perceiving that the value they are getting is worth the value they are giving. If they are satisfied with the transaction it is a win-win transaction, buyer and seller or traders received value and are happy.

Win-win-win transactions are those where the parties involved perceive value and WE perceive a value to society and the world at large. Enterprise that creates real permanent value for society, preserve scarce resources, or perturb the economy toward sustainable growth, fall into this category and are potential lines of business.


Win win win success stories

Golden Gate Bridge

Financed during the depression with ordinary people putting their homes on the line and banks putting their business on the line. Built with ZERO government support, the pay back is forever.

National Park System

The WPA employed people at the end of the depression to create a national park system enjoyed by generation after generation.

International Space Collaboration

Mount Rushmore

Public and private funding created a tremendous monument and thriving economy to a desolate region.

America education

The commitment to educated electorate has created a powerful nation.

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