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Just as a quick note to StarPilot:

WE have to ability to delete pages, it is not necessary to have an admin do it. Just edit the page, delete all text, and save.

It is quite easy to vandalize a page on WikiWorld. That said, it is just as easy to remove said vandalism. We could try (with JimScarver's assistance), to contact the (ab)user's ISP, but is it worth the aggravation? We will need to brainstorm the most efficient and easiest way to accomplish this.

The multiple-page vandals utilize scripts to interface with Wiki, probably scanning for links that have been WikiParsed but not yet activated. Why not use this to our advantage? After removing the offending material, we could start a relevant discussion to the topic (unless the page is ridiculous, DearDiary, or JokeOfTheDay). It would be a wonderful way to begin discussions again.

Single-paged vandalism is simple to remove. The only suggestion I would have would be a system similar to that of Wikipedia.

I thought that [[| this]] was an amusing option.

MeatballWiki's [[| SoftSecurity]] quite nicely covers the response to vandalism.

Is that how you delete a Wiki page? I didn't know that==== A saved blank page deletes it? Good to know! ====

This last irritant wasn't just hitting undefined links. It looked more like a simple spidering attack, as many real pages were hit.

As for setting up a convo on the spam only pages... if someone had already been interested in starting that dialog (beyond making the link), they'd have started it already. I just don't like having blank pages hanging about--- it messes with my inner accountant. ;)


Ideas here?

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