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Doing right is ultimately profitable. Creating value is generally profitable. Solving problems can be profitable.

Many believe that Government should not engage in enterprise, but WE have a SocialDuty to invest in our future.

In hard times, particularly, FreeEnterprise does not promote investment in future. Instead dog eat dog competition and vulture Capitalism prevail.

Private foundation help, but they can't do it all.

What if WE created a multi-national public corporation chartered to capitalize on FutureValue and uphold our SocialContract. A corporation for the masses.

The organization would be democratic in that stockholders would have only one vote reqardless of the number of shares they own. It's policies and proceedures would be democratically adopted, but it's operation would not be mob rule (democracy is ultimately mob rule). Instead it would be operated by by executives with a system of checks and balances according to established principles. Investors sould be able to allowcate at least part of their investment toward particular investment areas of their choice.

Dividend stock/chits would be issued based objectively on projected FutureValue. This could be used as an international currency if managed with integrity.

In one sence, it would be an investment club, as it would invest in our future. It would match outside private funding on worthwile projects and retaining ownership and reinvesting profits.

In another sence it would be deep pockets special interest for the "live and let live" interests according to our SocialContract. Combining our resources WE would have much greater power than we have individually.

It would recognize the utility of all individuals and seek to capitalize on the utility that would otherwize be wasted.

What line of business is your public multinational in? What does it do?

WinWinWin Enterprises

Win Win Win Enterprises can include almost any business area.

Most all enterprise is good in that economic activity moves money from person to person increasing percieved value in each step. The same one dollar bill, passed from person to person, spent a million times generates a million dollars of income. The more economic activity, the more per capata income.

In voluntary tranactions there is a perceived value increase in that the parties exchange value, such as money for goods, each perceiving that the value they are getting is worth the value they are giving. If they are satisfied with the transaction it is a win-win transaction, buyer and seller or traders received value and are happy.

Win-win-win transactions are those where the parties involved perceive value and WE perceive a value to society and the world at large. Enterprise that creates real perminant value for society, preserve scarce resources, or perturb the economy toward sustainable growth, fall into this catagory and are potential lines of business.

  1. Real Estate: Green acres and open space preservation and appropiate use.
  2. UbiquitousPublicTransportation
  3. Surplus Agriculture products

are a few, but most business areas can produce value. WeInc would be chartered to maximize long term value.

In general the business involves matching resources and needs, providing problem solutions, and catilizing sustainable growth by capitalizing of differences in perceived value, fashion, organization ineffectiveness and displaced markets. Like any business it buys low and sells (or holds) high to be profitable. The difference is that it takes a holistic look at the future and applies it's resources toward maximal future value for society as a whole while empowering individuals. Initially, this may lead to the following type business areas.

  1. investment club/mutual fund
  2. credit union consortuim
  3. invention/idea facilitation services


  1. evaluate resources and needs.
  * implement [[|http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Dumpster_20Divulger#1006920742 DumpsterDivulger]] in order to identify resources
  * evaluate these resources at zero.  this happens to be cost basis, since source is a dumpster
  * implement EfficientShoppingLists in order to identify needs
  1. select protetial products and serices
  # undenieable value creation
  # abundant resources fulfill needs, convieniencies.
     * recruit people to VolunteerInformation
     * recruit people to do VolunteerDataEntry
     * advance the science of convenience by implementing [[|http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Cooperative20Shipping20Service20by20Individuals#993168858 EtailingDelivery]]
  # scarce resources are preserved.
  1. identify initial markets, needs, desires, willingness to pay.
  * this falls under the heading of market research (research OF purchasers BY vendors) and therefore does NOT fall under the heading of PubWan.  Refer to WeIncDarkArtsDivision.
  # design for the wealthy customer initial market if any.
     * one goal of PubWan is minimalist microeconomics research, so PubWan the first design projects implemented under the "auspices" of PubWan should be designed around the needs of the non-wealthy consumer (who is not pubwan's customer because PubWanIsNotForSale).  After a modicum of this has been accomplished, it those who approve of courtesy to living authors might look for ways to incorporate PubWanDesignTechnology into WeInc projects.
     * look for other design projects that WeInc would like to sell to the wealthy and design data mining aspects thereof in PubWan for later inclusion in WeInc store of KnowHow (umetnost)
  # scalable replication for the masses.
  1. identify product manager(s) and supporting staff
  * implement hierarchy withing WeInc, but not in Pubwan
     * PubWan is NOT a commercial enterprize, but it is an enabled non-profit activity of WikiWorld because there is a product manager and supporting members.  It is not a matter of heirarchy, it is a matter of having someone (or somemany) taking responsibility for all that which is required to actualize the product.  We have leadership, some support and some technology resources available for PubWan.  Leadership, facilitation, clear assignment of deliverables and timelines, are typical of successfull group efforts.  We are aiming for success.
  #invest in the skill of promising staff
     * this requires money. initially we are the staff and we invest our own time and resources.
  1. identify synergetic activities,
  * populate ProcessModeling database.  this should be fun and easy enough for anyone that you might not mind doing it for free, which makes it an apropos PubWanProject.
  * implement SpatialModeling
  1. evaluate feasability.
  2. assign resources
  * implement capital budgeting under WeInc
  1. execute business area and scale.
  * outsource most everything
  * HaveFun
  1. sell enterprise at peak.
  * whatever that is suppose to mean.  Obviously part of WeInc and not of PubWan, although we hope selling people on volunteering to do PubWan stuff will get easier with the passage of time (and accumulation of PubWan gifts)
     * we are facilitating the future, once an enterprize is mature it becomes the legacy system that will be replaced eventually.  It is simple business sence to sell our mature enterprises at their peak for capital to invest in new enterprises.
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