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VultureCapitalism was the original meaning of HumanGreed, sorry to all who were confused by it. And thanks to Jim for clearing it up for me. But hey, not all bad came out of it, I got some great starting basIs.

So what is VultureCapitalism? Basically the idea that a company would lie, cheat, and run other companies into the ground, .....etc. and such. That is the (bad) part of HumanGreed.

Sorry, I had meant predatory capitalism

What I mean by vulture capitalism is really predatory. I don't mean to degrade vultures that do a necessary job of scavenging value from a fallen organization.

The common usage refers to aquiring companies, by hostile takeover, with a book value greater than thier stock value, liquidating their resources to make a quick buck while putting the company out of business and all the employees out of work.

I also include in that catagory companies that buy out other value producing companies, in a forced takeover, for the purpose of putting them out of business. This is where the deep pockets stifle innovation and destroy value.

Perhaps there is a better name for it.

Dog eat dog is similar except the market is stolen at great expense rather than with stocks purchased. "Dog-Eat-Dog" Vultures like Microsoft usually offer to buy you out before they put you out of business by stealing your market. Software companies in the US can only survive by the grace of Microsoft.

See Also

See also: HumanGreed, DogEatDogCapitalism

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