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2003 RESOLUTION; help us find the most valuable spaces to network

Networking spaces are vital to our open source movement to map how win-win organisational governance can openly connect wherever knowledge work and ideas like the following are valued:

   * networked organisational systems - not individual organisations - will lead all the greatest human progress of Century 21 (more...) ; intangibles productivity evolves from the qualities of people connections and behaviours which sustain service and knowledge markets, capitalised by energetic flows that are often dynamically opposite to those which controlled lifeless products, mass produced by ordering people to stand in line in front of investing in expensive but dumb machines
   * from this year on, win-win progress must always be openly led as both social and economic, just as earning global relationship respect always starts with local cultures, and patterning intangibles productivity continues relentlessly and with a communal sense of unique purpose guided by the right for all human beings to learn, connect, do, trust others, ie by giving trust so that trust-flows multiply valuably and openly everywhere, rather than the hatreds and opaque transactions that can so easily result from monopoly governance by transactional numbers
   * self-confidence, co-responsibilities will become more important than command and control which will be seen with hindsight as some anachronistic apartheid of power; support systems are needed for everyone to make a difference using their own greatest human strengths (and guided will to learn) in 21st C organisations; all quality decisions made by humans are emotional as well as hard; those hard MBAs etc who place belief too much in precise numbers are our world's biggest risks; those who honor the relationship reciprocity principle that unites all the world&'s main religions will help lead mankind pass what system experts have for 20 years termed mankind's final examination emerging from the new human connectivities of technology
   * If you want to have a pension, exercise economic democracy; invest only in companies that include transparent relationship governance of trust-flow and human win-wins with as much system power as what one mathematician calls those darn misleading numbers - the ones that excel business to add and subtract blind of the truth that value dynamics multiply. IF any stakeholder has been so abused by your organisation that they see zero value or truth in what you do, they now conscientiously object and the viral network will examine whether the preferred future verdict of worldiwde society is that nobody values you (bye-bye depressing multi-billion dollar global empires like Andersen- who lived for yesterdays numbers like there was no tomorrow with no caring map of relationship responsibility to human beings -our world of local cultures and family rights we care about most; the founders of The Declaration of Independence knew more about the emotional ethics of real human beings and the organisations they want, than your balance sheets ever felt humble enough to question)

so please tell us the bookmarks or real places you find it most humanly or productively valuable to network through and any of the simple phrases or ideas that map most importantly to the people in these networks

We are conducting this search with every transparency partner we can find. For example, in association with the 100 knowledge angel networkers linked to the European Union�s vision of knowledge management and society whose next open meeting is in Berlin � see details.

Please do feel free to contact me- Chris Macrae - in any of the ways or networks listed below, especially if we might may able to help introduce your ideas for open sourcing differences to relationship value and trust-flow.

chris macrae Wimbledon - since 1984: economics of knowledge workers and network futures - a sig editor of European Union's Open Knowledge Society specialising in networks and their emotional intelligences

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