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Content Page:TourOfWikiWorld


  • Provide a list of WikiWorld pages that generally introduce basic topics of interest in the collective.
  • Answer the question, What is WikiWorld all about?


  • Create a user experience that will encourage the addition of new members to WikiWorld.
  • Give new collaborators a quick feel for what this site is, and the spirit of the site.


  • Keep this page clean.
  • Post any comments about the page here.


[ ] Add a reference to the intro page on other pages.
[3] Create a manual list of pages with short descriptions.

Discuss Content Page

What else should be on this page?

  • Any more quotes? I love that quote I added. Every time I read it I get happy. It seems to sum up the WikiWorld in a nutshell. And Jim, don't even think about taking your name off of it :-) --DavidSiegel
  • You should add links to the NewbieHelp and other basic 'How To Use Wiki' at the end of the tour listing. After you tour the place, you need a few tips on quickly using Wiki.

See also

See MetaPage for a discussion on how and when to use a page like this one.

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