The universe is consistent with being a finite constructible system

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Constructable means it is in the set of finite logical systems which can be constructed in finite time.

The key is that they are finite. Science 1.0 is based on mathematics of limits as differences approach zero. In Logic 1.0 we can say, ad infintum, and instantly construct something infinite, but this is not includes in finite constructable logic. The differential calculus of Science 1.0 works great when we have gazillions of quantum actions and differences going to zero is a good approximation. But we find our equations are analogs to emergent effects and do not represent the way action is really happening. When we look at only a few events, it seems like quantum magic.

To understand this magic we need to examine what is constructed by quantum action as basic logical building blocks without embellishing the logic with our notions of fields, forces, particles, waves, etc.,

To understand constructable systems, we can think of a child constructing something with blocks. There is a step by step process for placing blocks to make the construction.

The real world construction is more like gazillions of children all placing blocks building a construction together. But the blocks disappear as soon as another block is placed adjacently, and a child can only place blocks adjacent to a block placed by another child at the same time. Finally, in the real world, the children themselves are made of blocks and they must continually construct each other in order to keep construction happening.

All there is are events, and there are a finite number of events that define space time and energy.

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