Local time is absolute in direction and non local time is relative

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Space time interval orderings are manifest. Some orderings are perceived as time. They are not fundamentally time, but when time is exhibited it is no fiction.

Time is just different than expected. A photon detector registers momentum exchanges between objects at certain energies. The direction of the photon travel is not ordered in time absolutely. A tuned receiver and transmitter both caused the event unordered in time. But the ordering of photons being received by the detector is agreed to by all observers. The photon takes a zero time path in our space time until in is received by an atomic nuclei where it travels in other directions perpendicular to our own. Eventually the energy of the photon is emitted, We see a delay that is not associated with our space. Such delay without space manifest in our realm manifests an absolute ordering. How much time it represents depends on relative motion, but the ordering is absolute.

The absolute nature of local time and relative nature of non local time has been well demonstrated and is only imaginary in our imagination.

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