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I can only assume that JimSpeak is "double-talk".

From my knowledge, busy in english, is "discovered the HyperHelixStructureOfMatter. but no time to write it up..." in JimSpeak.

There are many other strange things JimScarver has said to me. I'll have to dig them up. Ho hum.

JimSpeak is double talk? I didn't think that when I coined that WikiWord. I was thinking, at the time, of how Jim crusades for rewarding good behavior, and taxing bad behavior. In accordance with SkinnersLaw, among other things. That's JimSpeak to me. ---StarPilot

You could say JimSpeak is every word that comes out of JimScarver's mouth, but that's not right. If I look at it, i see that a lot of the strange things he says to me mean another thing (like busy). JimSpeak means alot to different people.

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