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Boy did I hammer my brother Bill in my Yahoo group thread [[|http://groups.yahoo.com/group/JimScarver/messagesearch?query=the%20master%20card The Master's Card]]. I swore and hollared and called him names. Sorry Bill.

I was doing the same thing to JaLong arguing politics. I WONT BE ENSLAVED TO YOUR F...ING IDEA OF TheGoodLife == Sorry folks. I guess I've been doing that to everyone. ==

The first time I hammered Bill it was a different story. I was four years old, in our garage in Springfield, trying to loosten the nuts on my bike unsuccessfully.

Bill came in-- "What are you doing==?????". I explained to him that all the cool older kids had no fenders on their bikes, and I wanted to make my bike like theirs. ==

He was almost 6, but he sounded exactly like my dad. It went something like "Copying them won't make you cool, it just makes you like everybody else, if they jumped of a bridge, would you. The fenders are usefull, they have a purpose, they keep mud from spraying all over you. Dont ruin your bike. Mom and dad paid good money for it."

I got the idea, "I'll ruin the fender, then it will have to come off." I raised the hammer I was holding high, closed my eyes and brought it down hard toward the fender-- THUD. It hit something on the was down, Bill's head. I later figured out that he must have ducked when he saw the hammer coming.

Thankfully Bill only suffered a minor concussion. I had a concussion myself from my first bike ride. My dad said lean when I wanted to turn, but I started leaning 20 feet before the corner and caught a fire hydrant square in the forehead.

I guess we know now why we are the way we are....lol

-- JimScarver

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