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I gotta love him, what a great big brother to have, he thinks he treated me badly, but I know, he is the best. He always gave me the bigger piece of cake (not always but you know). He always looked our for me and tried to steer me from my wayward ways. He put up with a lot of HammeringBill. -- JimScarver

I'll always remember a business trip I went on with him, we had a stop in San Fransisco and were flying on to Reno. The temporature was dropping like a rock and the snow started. Our plane headed down the runway in the driving snow. I was looking out the window, (yeah, Bill let me have the window seat, what a guy) when the plane started to slide sideways on the icy snow. We barely made it in the air before leaving the runway completely. We were the last plane allowed to fly out that night, they closed the airport. But the excitement was just beginning==== The rough ride of air pockets turned wild as we got over the rockys. The plane was dropping and swinging so wildly I was getting really scared. And then I started to turn green and was about to puke. I timidly looked over at Bill to see how he was fairing. He had a sly grin on his face which seemed a bit strange to me. Then he looked over at me and the grin broke into a smile and he shouted out, Yippie!, Yahoo!, Yea Ha!, bringing laughter and relief to me and rest of the passengers. His unbrideled enthusuasm was so contagious that it turned utter fear to the excitement of wild west bronco ride adventure. Ya gotta love him. -- JimScarver


Can't do much better than that in a travel companion. -- LorraineLee

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